The 32 oz. PCT – cone top bottle is a cylinder with a center spout. 

It is widely used as brake/power steering fluid containers but has potential for other applications, including refrigerant compressor oils, agri-chemical, lawn and garden mixtures, fertilizer concentrates etc. can utilize this container. 

Features include 

weight of 66 grams (+1-1), 
28-400 neck, 
height of 8.785" (+/- .050") width of 2.555" – at the widest point on the rub ring, 
minimum wall thickness of .015".

Neck dimensions include 

S-dimension of .046 (+/- .015), 
T-dimension of 1.078" (+/- .010), 
H-dimension of .400" (+/- .015). 

The container is rated to hold a volume of 32 oz. or 946ml.  

Label panel area is 6.225"x 10.750" (approximate). A suggested pressure-sensitive label size would be 5.750" x 10.375".

Black and white are the standard colors but any color can be matched and copied, with volume.

 8, 12, 16 and 32 oz. containers also exist in this family of bottles.

Mold prints, spec sheets, and samples can be sent upon request.

Prime Industries 32 oz. PCT Cone Top