The 24 oz. carafe bottle is a handleless, ringed-neck cylinder with a center spout.  

It was designed for gear oil but has potential for other applications, including household chemicals, agri-chemicals, lawn and garden mixtures, fertilizer concentrates, etc. can utilize this container. 

Features include 
weight of 45 grams (+/- 2),
28-400 neck, 
height of 7.515" (+/- .050"),
width of 3.399" (+/- .020") at the rub rings, and a minimum wall thickness of .015" at any radius points. 

Neck dimensions include 
S-dimension of .046" (+/- .015"), 
T-dimension of 1.078" (+/- .010"),
H-dimension of .395" (+/- .015"). 

Black and white are the standard colors but any color can be matched and copied, with volume. 

A 32 oz container also exists in this family of bottles.

Mold prints, spec sheets, and samples can be received upon request.

Prime Industries 24 oz Carafe