As a plastic bottle manufacturer, we wholesale plastic bottles for use in industries such as
   - automotive lubricants and additives, 
- agribusiness chemicals, and for 
- industrial and household chemicals.

Our varied families and lines of HDPE containers meets or exceeds your requirements in quality, value and quick turnaround.   

You can "Depend on Prime" for your HDPE bottle requirements.

Prime Industries' customers have the flexibility to mix various 
standard plastic bottle sizes and bottle colors to make up a truckload. 

Prime Industries has the ability to fill orders in minimum pallet quantities 
or as much as multiple truckloads with quick and efficient turnaround.  

Prime Industries pays close attention to details in all areas, from production to customer service.

Prime Industries has access to all of the major truck lines; therefore giving Prime Industries the capability of shipping coast-to-coast, and border-to-border. At your request, we can provide samples and quotes on our various bottle sizes and footprints. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us for all your wholesale plastic bottle needs. 
Our customer service team is available Monday - Friday, 8 am  to 5 pm Central time 
and can be contacted at 800-227-0539 or 

We currently have machine time available - Call for your quote today!

hdpe bottle manufacturers

PRIME INDUSTRIES LLP is an Hdpe Bottle Manufacturer -

We blow mold of industrial bottles and containers.